Seen from Above is a theatrical and photographic journey through places and countryside, irrespective of the viewpoint, a house or a city. It is a voracious path not satisfied with theatre alone. Photography is applied while the performance is telling us about photography, and develops into a stage exercise, a vision, memory. A theatrical play entering the emotionality of taking pictures and of being the object of photography in order to tell the audience and together with the audience a story about the world that will survive us, about the world of images. The spectacle focuses on the idea of the journey, the real journey during the time of the performance and the imaginary journey to the various places of the performance. During a journey the countries travelled will reveal their story. But this also happens to the traveler who lives in and transforms these places, the person himself. It is he to whom this play is addressed, instantly impressing on him that the time of the story coincides with the time of his presence. Following the actor means to leave a personal photo-graphic imprint, a writing made of light and the body.

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